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Child hearing loss : Cause& Sign

Hearing loss problem occurs in child is depends on so many factor, if hearing disability at birth then this is known as Congenital hearing loss. Cause of hearing loss in children is depend on so many factor like infection or genetic factor.

if hearing impairment occurs after birth is called as acquired hearing loss.Congenital hearing impairment can be caused by genetic factor, but it can be also caused by other factor too like infection during pregnancy,prematurity,injury at birth and so many health condition like frequent ear infection,viral and bacterial infections like meningitis or the measles, a head injury, and exposure to very loud noises.


Hearing Screening for Newborns & Children:

Today, In majority of newborns receive a hearing screening before discharge from the hospital.The two types of technologies used to screen for hearing loss in newborns are otoacoustic emissions, and auditory brain stem response.While these screening tests can detect 80 to 90 percent of people with moderate degrees of hearing loss , it is important to understand that no screening test is perfect.

#Hearing test
Hearing test

Signs of Hearing Loss

Children with mild hearing loss may pass newborn hearing screenings, and screenings for newborns baby it is difficult to identify hearing disorder or progressive types of hearing loss.

It is important, therefore, that you care your child’s developmental milestones for hearing, language, and speech—even if your newborn passed a hearing screening in the hospital.

If your child was born with visual, cognitive, or motor disabilities, a comprehensive audiological evaluation would be important to ensure that your child’s hearing is completely normal.