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 Learn the symptoms, causes and treatments for hearing loss

Hearing loss is an important factor related to your hearing now a day it becomes very famous because most of the people are affected by hearing impairment. People are affected by hearing impairments problem of any age it means it does not depend on age.

Hearing loss causes: – There are many types of Hearing Loss Causes, some of which can be treated by surgery or medicine.

  1. Aging
  2. Autoimmune inner ear disease
  3. Head Trauma
  4. Meniere’s Disease
  5. Virus or Disease

Symptoms of hearing loss

Symptoms of hearing loss vary according to the type of hearing loss. The folk who has hearing loss impairment they experience any of the following.

Difficult to the conversation with other.

Ask to repeat from other.

Avoid in social activity and want to live alone.

Difficulties in communication or hearing Arieses in a noisy environment like restaurant, stadium, Market.

Hearing Loss


Hearing Loss Treatment: – Hearing Loss Treatment depends on which type of Hearing Loss you are suffering from.

Hearing loss is well understood by people now a day people are aware of his hearing health. you need to do properly these things into consideration:

  1. Type of Hearing impairments
  2. The cause of hearing loss
  3. Age & your need of communication
  4. budget

Some sorts of hearing disorder, particularly semiconducting varieties, is medically or surgically corrected however others cannot. the foremost common treatment fo the sensorineural hearing disorder is correctly fitted Hearing Machine . Hearing aids square measure wide obtainable in a very vary of designs, colors, sizes, technology levels and value points.







health|Hearing loss

A Healthy Lifestyle With Hearing Loss

                  Healthy lifestyle with hearing loss


It’s no doubt that health is Most important factor for every human being for Healthy Lifestyle with a Hearing loss you need proper Nutrition and food as well as exercise.

Hearing health is a big issue among the folk now a day many people suffer from hearing loss because they don’t care about his health or they ignore small problem related to his hearing health which can be a big problem after some time. They realize this fact when it’s too late and the problem takes huge shape. So that you should take initiative in the start-up of the problem. You should be done exercise related to hearing, listen the background sound like the bird and focus on a single sound do these exercise daily which is helpful for your hearing health.

According to me you should always use healthy food and green vegetable and pulse which help you to fit and active never use more salt. Much more salt affect your auditory nerve and thereby effect your hearing. If you have a hearing problem related to hearing and you are previously used Hearing Aids then you do not need of hearing test. Hearing machine is useful for hearing a sound of those people who have hearing loss problem.


health|Hearing loss

 Age related effort in Age related hearing loss and cognitive decline

Hearing loss cognitive decline 

Some professor of Neuroscience from different university has been has been study the connection between hearing activity and memory from few years and he find from his discovery that people who has hearing loss catch and resister speech they are capable for remember information but these are compromised. The people with normal hearing, regularly they listen more or less is an effortless process depend on brain perform to provide particular processing of signal and filter unwanted signal.

He notes that folks with even gentle hearing disorder “put in most effort simply to understand and perceive what’s being aforementioned, that you simply divert resources removed from storing what you have got detected into your memory.”

Doctor’s Recommends that adults get their hearing professionally tested annually — and to require it seriously and treat it professionally if hearing disorder is found.  Proactive and build annual hearing tests a region of your health routine.

Generally 40-50% of people suffering from hearing loss problem on the age of 65 years now a day this are 83% who are above 70 years.

After some time we realize that there are various hidden effects of hearing Impairment that play important role for both cognitive function and neural integrity.

The most important thing is find the successful perception that can reduce by hearing loss and can be draw cognitive resource that will be available for encoding what we heard in the memory.

When you are feeling uncomfortable from listening in a social environment, then take a break and relax so that mind is felling comfortable from these noises.



Meditation also helps us to providing calm inside and it can remove the stress of effortful listening related to hearing loss. Meditation is a powerful toll for mental and physical wellness. It is free and people can do it anywhere.

You can short out problem of hearing impairement from different medium you can treatment  with this is through proper hearing Test after proper test an audiologist suggest you really need hearing aids or not it can occure at any age.

Hearing Sol is best organization where an audiologist is worked for best treatment of his Customer related to hearing.


health|Hearing loss

Tips for driving safely with hearing loss

people realize hearing at the different situation at different places if you realize problem on the time when they are driving then it is a big issue.remember these different tips in your mind when you are driving: if your vehicle condition is not good then you are unsafe driving so that repair his vehicle at a time to time.when you are suffering from hearing loss impairment then I advised you should not drive at that time distraction is also a big problem now a day so that when you drive you should focus on that don’t distract from electronic gadget or devices is put you in a danger.if you have hearing loss impairment and you use hearing aids then you should always drive with wear hearing aids and also check the environment of your car when you are driving.

Hearing loss impairment affect your life at different stages and at different places like in a communication, listening music on tv or radio, driving a car so many thing on which hearing loss impairment affect your life here some tips are given related to safe driving there are so many people wants driving and live life independently but if you have hearing loss impairment then you put yourself and others living with a risk so that you have to take care and follow the solution related to the problem.

why the hearing is important for driving:

the hearing is so important for driving because now a technology developed much more and vehicle are advanced so that all the alert and warning are in form of sound when we use the ear to monitor the general operation of cars like the click of turn signal engine sound, breaks, and tires. If you are unable to hear the signal is missing them then you go in the dangerous situation so that hearing is important to you. For more information related to hearing loss or hearing test  and any query related to hearing just  follow the link are given Belew:

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