hearing solutions


Hearing is the ability to receive sound by vibrations, changes in the pressure of medium through medium ,organ example ear.

Sound may be heard through all state of matter. it is one of the most important senses. partial or complete inability to hear is known as hearing loss.

Hearing mechanism :

There are three main part of human ear.

  1. outer ear
  2. middle ear
  3. Inner earStructure of ear

Hearing loss

There are different type of hearing loss which are listed below.

  1. conductive hearing loss
  2. sensorineural hearing loss
  3. mixed hearing loss.
  4. there are defined degree of hearing loss
  5. Mild hearing loss
  6. Moderate hearing loss
  7. Severe hearing loss

Mild hearing loss

people with mild hearing loss have faces difficulties in conversation with people specially in noisy area. The most quite sound that person with mild hearing loss can hear with their bettter ear  range between 25 and 40 dB HL.

Moderate hearing loss

People with moderate hearing loss have  faces difficulty when they are not using hearing aids better hear range of that people is 40 to 70 dB HL.

In this we give some information related to hearing and hearing loss and type of that one are listed here


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